Efficient, reliable, safe

We provide fence for any event that requires covering the event area, managing the pedestrian traffic, providing guidance for moving around the venue and the safety of the visitors. It covers the hazardous areas at the event site to avoid any mishappening.
Event Fencing Rental Surrey

Samrat Fence Rental event fencing is specifically designed to be easily erected whilst providing a solid and safe barrier around your location. Individual panels are set up around the perimeter of the area to be fenced in. Easy to set up and sturdy, is the ideal solution for all the outside functions.

Temporary event fencing is a functional, cost effective solution when a fence is required on a short term basis for public safety, crowd control or allocating specific areas for certain uses at events.

Premium portable vinyl event fence panels.

PVC panels are designed with the long-lasting vinyl plastic with smooth surfaces and a stylish look and feel to upgrade your upcoming event. The panels are interlocking for creating a contiguous crowd control barrier. These event fence panels & crowd control barrier are highly durable which makes an excellent multi-year investment. The plastic material’s quality is superb and will not rust , warp, or corrode in storage as well as it never requires painting.